Objectives of the IT Research and Implementation Requirements


Specific Goals

  • Enable researchers to submit simulations and other tasks transparently and seamlessly to all available resources.
  • Facilitate the interaction of researchers physically seperated during the execution of a project.
  • Coordinate and make available information about a project, including graphics images, to all collaborators, with no advance notice.
  • Accelerate learning and engage in the non-specialist through visual tools and easy to use/install interfaces

To achieve these goals it will be necessary to:

  • Provide metadata descriptions for all resources, including hardware, software, input files and parameters, running processes, and data generated as results of scientific projects.
  • Provide collaborative metadata management tools that allow grouop members to participate in shared projects for managing job submissions and job management.
  • Provide Web portals and other client interfaces that allow users to manage projects, participate in collaborative sessions, and analyze and visualize their data.
  • Develop application-specific scheduling procedures to automate complex and numerous job submission sequences on distributed resources.
  • Ensure compatibility of all tools and services with diverse clients operating through the Internet, such as mobile devices and PDAs.
  • Permit the easy integration of new technologies.

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