Rock property calculator


This web service calculates elastic and acoustic properties of mineral aggregates ($K_S$, $K_T$, $G$, $\rho$, $v_p$, $v_s$, possion ratio $\nu$) as in Abers and Hackers (2016). The use is intuitive. Several published rock compositions are available from the dropdown menu but they can be edited. Results can be plotted versus pressure or temperature by choosing of ordinate. Results can be viewed or downloaded in table or plot formats.

Abers, G. A., & Hacker, B. R. (2016). A MATLAB toolbox and Excel workbook for calculating the densities, seismic wave speeds, and major element composition of minerals and rocks at pressure and temperature. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 17(2), 616-624. doi: 10.1002/2015GC006171

Disclaimer: the code might not execute successfully if the pressure and temperature ranges selected for a particular rock / mineral composition are physically invalid.

Rock composition

Published compositions:

Phase Name Amount (vol) Formulae
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Total {{mineral_amounts_total}}
Phase Name Amount (vol) Formulae
{{mineral.phase}} {{}} {{ mineral_amounts[mineral_id] | display_number }} ()
Total {{mineral_amounts_total | display_number }}

Calculation Detail

Ordinate Range

T from to ℃ every ℃,
P from to GPa every GPa





P (GPa) \ T (℃) T (℃) \ P (GPa) {{y}}
{{x}} {{data_for_ordinate.z_of_x[y_idx][x_idx] | display_number}}

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