Seminars Spring 2006

on January 26, 2006

List of Talks of Seminars Spring 2006

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 27 Dr. Bruce Buffett
University of Chicago, Department of Geophysical Sciences
Sediments at the Top of Earth's Core
Feb 1
Dr. Koichiro Umemoto
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota
Structural Transformations and Structural Anomalies in H2O-ice Under Pressure
Feb. 10 Dr. Wolfgang Bach
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Division
Seafloor Serpentinization - where, how and why care?
Feb. 21 Dr. David J. Stevenson
California Institute of Technology, Division of Geological Sciences
What's Going on at the Core-Mantle Boundary?
May 5 Dr. Raymond Jeanloz
University of California-Berkeley, Department of Earth and Planetary Science
Effects of Pressure on Chemical Bonding and Mineralogy Inside the Earth
Feb. 21, 2006 Dr. Joshua Feinberg
University of Cambridge, UK, Department of Earth Sciences
Single Crystal Paleomagnetism: A New Approach to Measuring the Ancient Magnetic Field of the Earth and Solar System
Mar. 2, 2006 Dr. Steven Jacobsen, Carnegie Institute of Washington, Geophysical Laboratory Seismic Structure of a Hydrous Transition Zone: the Emerging Picture from Mineral Physics
Mar. 9, 2006 Dr. Wendy Li-Wen Mao, Los Alamos National Laboratory Mineral Physics through a Diamond Window